So who is Lionrynn?

Hi, my name is Kate. I am from Ukraine, born on April 20, 1998, in the city of Vinnitsa. I am an adult model. I am interested in fitness, hiking and diving. I like to try everything new and interesting, I am always open to various sports activities. By nature I am a kind, cheerful and sympathetic person. I have my own unbending principles, at the forefront of which is honesty. In ordinary life, I am an easy-going person with whom it is pleasant to communicate, who never loses heart and tries to look at life philosophically, enjoy every moment and face problems head on.

P.S. I LOVE to cook! I'm a chef 😉

Lionrynn is my pseudonym. When I thought about it, I wanted to show strength and determination, so the association with a lion arose. The second part is short for Kathryn. I wanted it to sound beautiful and unique. The idea of striving for uniqueness runs like a red line throughout my life.

In my youth, I was faced with the task of loving myself and discovering my sexuality. And because I was young, I decided to radically solve the problem: I began filming content for adults. I began to communicate with people, hear their opinions, and formulate my own vision of the world. One day, I was offered to try the FPOV genre and I liked it, and after a long time, I realized that there is very little quality content in this genre, and that there are many people who care and need it. I started working hard on realism and received rave reviews. Time passed, I changed, evolved, and finally it happened: I realized that I can give people what they really want to see, I found myself! Thus was born the true Lionrynn.